What We Are All About


We loan up to 70% of ARV for most transactions. 

100% FUNDING (EQUITY PARTICIPATION) – We will fund up to 100% of purchase and rehab costs (the only thing we will not cover is earnest money, option money and appraisal costs).  In return, we will share the profits with you at closing. The profit split is determined on a deal by deal basis.


          SHORT TERM – If you have excess cash to invest, you may choose to invest in our fund which is used to make hard money loans and create JV’s.  On hard money loans you will receive 12% i/o paid monthly.  We, of course, do all of the loan underwriting.  On JV’s, you will receive a portion of the profits when the deal sells; usually providing a 20 – 50% average annual ROI for the fund. Hold periods usually 6 mo’s to one year on the JV’s.


           PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES – Invest in one of our investment partnerships (LLCs).  We pool one million to two million dollars and invest it in Multi-family, commercial or development opportunities.  Average annual rates of return to the investor usually run somewhere between 25 – 40%.  Minimum investment amounts are $30,000.00.  IRA funds, corporate funds and foreign funds are welcome.  Hold periods usually 2 – 4 years.

Experience you can trust.

Over 115 million of property acquired in multi-family and commercial properties throughout the state of Texas.